Williams Wharf Landing

Established by Samuel Williams as a trading port and warehouse near the time of the Revolutionary War, Williams Wharf became one of the country’s centers of maritime activity in the early 1800s. From 1802 to 1844, more than 10,000 vessels called at the East River port.

Williams Wharf early 1900's

The Wharf also served as a major port for steamboats running from Baltimore to Norfolk earlier this century.

Marine railway at Williams Wharf

Steamer Mobjack docked at Williams Wharf

Steamer Hampton Roads leaving Williams Wharf




Captain Crank and crew unloading barrels at Williams Wharf



21st century aerial

New shoreline walkway at Williams Wharf

Old oyster-shucking building converted to a Community Building at Williams Wharf

Williams Wharf is the MLC’s first and largest project thus far.  It is a roughly 4-acre public access waterfront facility located on the East River and State Route 614.  In 1994, a grant of $702,000 toward Phase I projected costs of $900,000 was provided by the Virginia Dept. of Transportation through Federal ISTEA money.

Including the initial purchase, over $1,000,000 has been spent at Williams Wharf to preserve this natural and historic landmark as well as reviving it to offer environmentally friendly waterfront activities for Mathews County citizens and visitors.

The Wharf is the MLC’s official headquarters and also home to the award-winning Mathews High School Crew Team, the Mobjack Rowing Association, and the Mathews YMCA’s Sailing Camp.  Each use the facilities at the Wharf annually for training and hosting events.  They are not the only ones, however, who take advantage of the beautiful waterfront facilities.

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